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welcome to the club!

before you lace up, it’s important you understand the team (sphere) you are about to play for. every great game starts with a small kick, and ours began about 5 years ago in the back of an optometry practice. after playing in major league soccer for almost a decade, our founder longed to recreate the locker room he missed and offer an endurance-based team concept that gave the general fitness community a taste of soccer-inspired fitness.

sphere was conceptualized to be a lights down, music up, beat-based boutique fitness concept. after outgrowing the parking lot, sphere moved to a local park where our club class began. finally building momentum and credibility, a team was born and we played our way into our first indoor sphere studio.

while our outdoor classes (club) continued around the country simultaneously as sphere, our head coach realized the need to standardize the workout so there could be consistency across our fields of play. after finding a unique way to combine exercises into a methodical pattern and flow, he finally found the powa that would be the glue to our workout concept.

the idea to change the game by bringing people together through human connection and physical touch was sidelined during covid-19; which has affected everyone on and off the pitch. finally given the necessary time to work on one of the missing pieces to the team, our online platform (powa) was built.

this isn’t just another workout concept or idea on how to play. the experience every time you lace up in a safe but electric atmosphere, will push you past your comfort zone and help you #playagreatgame.


our concept is designed around what it takes to be a complete soccer player: agility, body and core but it does NOT mean you have to be one or require you to play with a ball. soccer is played with the ball (sphere) or without the ball (powa). we created two styles of workouts to reflect this, sphere and powa. we are an endurance-based team concept that believes to #playagreatgame, it takes a team.

style of play

how would you play today if you knew you couldn’t tomorrow? we play to create a game-changing experience every time you lace up in a safe but electric atmosphere that will push you past your comfort zone. turn the lights down, music up, and light up the pitch as we play to the beat and let the music dictate your speed of play.

  • sphere is a unique soccer + fitness class that is designed to help players of all levels sharpen up WITH a soccer ball.

  • powa is a game-changing fitness class WITHOUT a ball (no soccer) that requires only your body weight, resistance band or medicine ball.

standard of play

sphere was designed to be team inspired but individually focused. it’s important to note that our endurance-based concept is coached at an intermediate level. play at your own speed. if you need to take a water break, please do so, but we ask that you quickly get back on the field and #keeptheballrolling.


work out from anywhere, anytime, for as long as you’re available to play. for both sphere and powa, you’ll find three different options: 90-second powa combos, 24 to 26-minute practices or 45-minute games. whether you're in a rush and need a quick kick or you’re looking to get in the game with a 45-minute half, we've got you covered.

every section is focused to help you become a better player. powa combos are the training drills for you to practice on your own, where we give you a rep count to help you #playagreatgame. whenever you're looking to practice or play a game, you’ll be led through an entire class, which includes a warm-up and sole-to-sole cool down, by one of our expert coaches.

powa combo: drill-based. methodical and strategic mini segments of powa to focus on a skill you’re trying to improve or a muscle group you want to quickly target. remember, you'll be playing for reps rather than for time, which we provide in each video.

practice: mini practice. focus on one area of the game you're looking to sharpen up with a shorter practice to maximize your time on the field. 24 to 26-minute long including a warm-up and sole-to-sole cool down.

game: a fluid 45-minute complete player workout including a warm-up and sole-to-sole cool down. a soccer-inspired workout which encompasses all aspects of what it takes to be a “complete player.” this game brings all of our core components together, whether you're on the ball or not.

coach profiles